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Indie Tarot Decks favorites like Wayhome Tarot Deck, Moon Baby Tarot Deck, and Magical Nature Tarot Deck  
Indie Oracle Decks like Love Oracle of Eden, Outgrow Yourself Oracle & Tarot Deck and Roots & Wings Oracle Deck 
Indie Affirmation Decks for everyone with Affirmation Decks like Healthy Vibes Affirmation Deck, Align Heart Affirmations Oracle Deck, and I Am Affirmation Deck for Babies & Toddlers.
Mass Market Tarot Decks & Mass Market Oracle Decks are making there way in too with picks like This Might Hurt Tarot Deck, Mind's Eye Tarot Deck and Herbal Astrology Oracle Deck. Lenormand Decks | Divination Decks | Crystal Cards | Tarot Cards | Mini Divi Decks
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