Indie Tarot Decks, Oracle Decks and more..

Indie Tarot, Oracle & Affirmation Decks are my speciality but also crystals, all things metaphysical and more!

What's New

Magical Offerings

  • Indie Tarot Decks

    The real spark to this dream. I will have other things but tarot is what has changed my life and opened me up to a different part of myself. Indie tarot decks are my speciality because I love being able to support the individual creators.

  • Indie Oracle Decks

    While tarot was the start and will always hold a special place, oracle decks give my Gemini Sun much needed variety and choices. It lets artists have a freedom to their vision that tarot’s structure doesn’t always allow.

  • Crystals & Crystal Bath Products

    If it is crystal involved it's here! Crystals, Braceletes and Crystal sets. Crystal Bar Soap Bathbombs and soaps live here too!

  • Tarot Services

    Tarot readings, Deck Consultations, Mystery boxes and more will live here. Coming soon Intuitive Deck Pairings.

  • Affirmation Decks, Books & More

    For affirmation, mini divi and other types of decks, books and things that just fall in the other category check here!

  • Mass Market Decks

    Where all the newly added mass market tarot & oracle decks will go!