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Whether you're looking for Indie Tarot Decks, Indie Oracle Decks, or new Mass Market Decks, I've got you covered. I also offer a range of Tarot Accessories and an assortment of magical items including crystal sets. Don't forget to take advantage of my tarot reading services or book a deck consultation while you're here. Come on in and start your exploration!

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The Newest Tarot Decks & Oracle Decks.

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  • All Decks

    With a speciality in Indie Tarot Decks and Indie Oracle Decks, I have curated a selection of tarot & oracle decks from all over the world. Mass Market Decks, Indie Decks, Affirmation & other Divination decks live here!

    Tarot Decks & Oracle Decks 
  • Indie Decks

    A collection of some of my favorite Indie Tarot & Oracle Decks. If you're just looking for new Indie Decks here's the spot. I will put all Indie Tarot & Indie Oracle Decks here so you can get right to the goods!

    Indie Decks 
  • Mass Markets

    I'm currently running a buy one get one 30% off special on mass market decks so use code “massmarket” on these tarot and oracle decks!

    Mass Market Decks 
  • Tarot & Witchy Must Haves

    A place for tarot accessories & witchy tools. Crystal products, tarot card stands, books, tarot magnets, stickers, altar candles and the list will grow and grow!

  • Tarot Readings & Oracle Readings

    Tarot Readings & Oracle Card Readings all intuitively given and digitally sent!

    Tarot Readings & Oracle Readings 
  • Stand Out Decks of 2023

    All the Tarot decks & Oracle decks from the Top 10 Tarot Decks & Top 10 Oracle Decks Videos

    Top Decks of 2023 
  • Preloved Decks

    A place for used tarot and oracle decks that are looking for a new home.

    Preloved Decks 
  • Tarot Deck & Oracle Deck Bundles

    My favorite Tarot Deck & Oracle Deck pairings bundled up for you. I will keep adding my newest tarot and oracle deck pairings too!

    Tarot & Oracle Deck Bundles