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Welcome, I am so glad you’re here!

Hi there! That’s me Casandra, the heart behind A Riffle in Time. I am writing this a couple days before opening just to give us a little introduction and talk about my intentions for this shop. I’m 30 this year and a mother to that very high energy two year old you see in the picture. I found tarot about 10 years ago after my mother had passed and it has been such a large part of my healing journey. The decks and the people who create them have helped me along the way. I don’t personally believe tarot tells the future but I think it unlocks your unconscious and brings forth hidden truths. I do believe in messages from the universe and that there is more in life that I will never be able to understand than I do. I am open minded and loving by nature. I enjoy connection and communicating but I do recharge by my alone time. My son has taught me about as much about the world as my cards have and it’s been an amazing experience. I hope one day to be able to stay home with him full time and do this. Right now I work as a manager at a pizza place part time. The cards are a part of my daily life and I believe they help make me a better person and mother. When I wake up in the morning and pull my cards and start my day with intention it is a far better day. I have worked through loads of trauma with my cards but I also have gotten encouragement and laughs. I want to share my experiences, my tools and the people who have inspired me with others. I want to support the people who’s words, content and creations changed things for me. This is the place I can do that. I can help highlight some amazing people and hopefully increase their reach to those who need their decks. I want to help you find your deck or if you’re like me decks! They are like friends to me with different personalities. I am looking to do deck consultations so I can have an even bigger part in helping you find the right one. I have to figure out the logistics of it but I think that will be really special. I want to have other fun things from these artists and whatever else feels like it belongs here. I am not sure where this all will grow to but it will be in the direction of my heart. I want to offer things to you that will help change your life. I will be over on IG posting regularly and a lot of time it’s really personal things. I am hoping to do cards pulls for others there too. I am on TikTok doing flip through of decks and my intention is to be on YouTube doing walkthroughs and more. I have a toddler though as I mentioned and things will never be as simple as that lol. Come along for the ride. I am so excited and passionate about this. I really would love to have a community of other kind hearted people who I can share all this with. Thank you for being here and reading this. You’re so special to me already.
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