Q: Can I have a better look at the deck?

A: Yes! Go check out my IG for lots of pictures of these decks. I also will be uploading YouTube videos and TikTok’s showing off and doing walkthroughs of these decks. If you can’t find it email me at help@ariffleintime.com for some photos.

Q: Which deck is for me? Can you give me suggestions?

A: Deck Consultations are finally available! I have a fun little 5 question quiz and then we have a 30 minute window where we can one on one chat about what you’re looking for! During this time I can send videos of the cards, up close looks at the guidebook and more! We can do this via dm, email, chat, phone call if you are not looking for videos and pictures or once I figure out the logistics video chat!

Q: What is the difference between Tarot & Oracle?

A: I’ll give you a short and sweet answer but feel free to take this to google where there are much longer articles if you want to dig in. Tarot has a specific structure where as oracle is free to be whatever. People might change the names of the tarot cards but they stick to the same 78 traditional structure. There are different systems and so much more to this. There are many great resources in learning more about tarot and I am looking to make a blog post of my favorites. I use both tarot and oracle and usually together when doing a reading. I’ll let you in on a secret that I had to learn the hard way. It is your practice, don’t let anyone make you feel like you have to do something a certain way. 

Q: What is an Indie Deck?

A: A deck that has been funded, created & published by the individual artist without a publisher. 

Q: Why are these decks more expensive than ones on Amazon?

A: Indie decks will always be more expensive because they are produced by individual artist not large publishers like US Games who have more resources.

Q: Do you offer Mass Market decks?

A: Yes I have started offering some mass market options for to have a lower price point option and also to allow people some where other than amazon to order these kinds of decks!