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A Riffle In Time

Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck

Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck

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Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck

“Your bones, physically and energetically, are your foundation. They flow and transmit energy and frequency according to the deepest resonance of Who You Are. This incredible intelligence flows through your marrow and is encoded within your energetic bone body.

These oracle cards are consciously created to help you access depths in your bones, and the wisdom held there, like never before.

Working with these cards and with your bones brings you into conversation with parts of yourself that have been calling out for attention, sometimes for years, sometimes for generations.

The Energy Archaeology® Oracle Deck is the first and only deck to put bone-deep embodiment in your hands! It is an oracle deck informed by the energy work modality of Ashley Stinson, and the synthesis of years of practice and work in the Embodied Realm of the bones.

Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck Details:

✦ 48-card deck with each bone or group of bones in the human body represented
✦ Rich, evocative, and magical illustration
✦ Beautiful champagne gilded card edges
✦ Luxe card stock with a buttery matte ‘soft touch' finish that shuffles beautifully
✦ Traditional Tarot card size 2.75x4.75"/ 70x121mm
✦ 140-page full-color guidebook
✦ Guidebook sections:
— Understanding the deck - reading and interpreting the cards
— Working with the deck - how to use your deck +7 embodied intuition spreads
— Deepen your understanding - anatomy, bone Alchemy, Archetypal energy, Elemental correspondence, and hand dominance
— The Energy Archaeology Oracle - two-page spreads for each card including sections for: properties, anatomy, energy, wisdom, and reflection questions.

Bundle Includes

✦ Your 1st edition Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck
✦ The Energy Archaeology Guidebook
✦ Rigid upright lid and bottom box for storing and protecting your deck - signed and numbered for the first 1,000 orders!”



Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck on the Riffability Scale- 4 good shuffle, there is gold gilding but matte

See my blog post for more about riffle shuffling and the riffability scale! 

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