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Hay House

Fifth Spirit Tarot Deck

Fifth Spirit Tarot Deck

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Fifth Spirit Tarot Deck 

Originally crowdfunded and self-published in 2020, Fifth Spirit Tarot is receiving new life in an updated mass market edition! With an upgraded box, expanded guidebook, and several retouched or entirely new cards, this edition is sure to be a new favorite on your tarot shelf.Expanding the traditional tarot archetypes beyond the gender binary, this deck re-imagines the cards from a queer and inclusive perspective.

The more we work with Tarot, the more we realize that binaries don't exist and everything is fluid-gender, meaning, even time. We come to realize that we're all creatures made of earth and air, fire and water, all four elements bound together by the fifth element: spirit. Fifth Spirit Tarot goes beyond the gender binary, queering the archetypes with 78 beautifully illustrated and hand-lettered cards by queer and non-binary tarot reader, teacher, and writer Charlie Claire Burgess.

The artwork lovingly features folks of different races, body shapes, abilities, ages, and gender expressions. Instead of renaming the cards for gender-neutrality, Fifth Spirit seeks to challenge the gender binary and expand notions of gender through the juxtaposition of traditional title and queered imagery. In Tarot as in life, a nonbinary femme can be King, a cisgender man can be Queen, and everyone in between can defy or expand or ecstatically embody any or no gender that they wish.

Fifth Spirit Tarot Deck Details:

78 card tarot deck with guidebook 

Hay House Mass Market Edition

Fifth Spirit Tarot Deck on the Riffability Scale- 3 a bit stiff for me but does riffle, is possible this one can be broken in which could raise the score

See my blog post for more about riffle shuffling and the riffability scale! 

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