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A Riffle In Time

Gentle Tarot Deck Linen Edition

Gentle Tarot Deck Linen Edition

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The Gentle Tarot Deck Linen Edition

Heal yourself, Heal the Earth.

Inspired by the common playing card deck, this edition is a modified size that makes riffle shuffling easy for all hand sizes. The linen finish will allow for the smoothest Gentle Tarot experience to date!

There are a total of 89 cards. 81 tarot cards, including an extra Major Arcana card and two options to choose from for the Lovers card (non-human butterfly card or gender-neutral human card). The additional 8 cards are a colorful batch of Quick Reference Keys, sample spreads, Opening and Closing Intention, as well as a personal note and link to the PDF Guidebook. 

The cards are printed using FSC Certified paper as an effort to limit the use of non-renewable paper sources.

The Gentle Tarot Deck Linen Edition Details:

70mm x 105mm Linen Card

89 cards (an extra Major Arcana card, Alternate Lovers card, 8 quick reference cards)

 The last 3 images are of the tin edition just to show the art of all the cards, all of the other photographs are from the Linen edition


Gentle Tarot Deck (linen edition) on the Riffability Scale- 5 one of my top 5 decks to shuffle, I love linen card stock plus an extra bonus for small hands is this deck is playing card size

See my blog post for more about riffle shuffling and the riffability scale! 

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