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Wooden Tarot Card Magnets

Wooden Tarot Card Magnets

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Wooden Tarot Card Magnets

Rock your favorite tarot card on any magnetic surface on a one of a kind wooden magnet. My Collage Art Tarot Designs made into Wooden Magnets by our friends at Everlaser.

Not only are the a great decor piece but also set intention with which one you choose. Are you looking to let go of what doesn't serve you, write out your intentions and hang it with the Death Tarot Card Magnet. You want to connect to your intuition, pull a card a day and hang it with your High Priestess Tarot Card Magnet. Wanting to embrace joy and live your happiness life, hang a picture of you at your happiest with the Sun Tarot Card Magnet as a reminder. Embracing your wildness, the moon card reminds me to embrace my wholeness and howl at the moon.

I use mine to hold my card of the day onto my chalkboard calendar and of course my to deck my fridge out in unique magnets. The magnet is strong and easily holds a card and the stronger the magnetic surface the more it can hold. Picture holding multiple papers on a lesser magnet surface on the whiteboard. 

Wooden Tarot Card Magnets Details:

1/8 Baltic Birch Plywood 

2 inches wide 4 inches tall

Neodymium magnet

Laser engraved design 

Select from 4 options. Listing is $14 for a single magnet. See Bundled Listing to get 4 for $40!

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