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A Riffle In Time

Smoke, Ash & Embers Tarot Deck

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BACKSTORY: In our first Tarot deck, we introduced you to the forest creatures living in its world; but theoretically, if we were to wander through that forest and take a closer look, we might have discovered a dragon perching high up on a tree branch (keeping a watchful eye) or another comfortably resting in a bed of moss (out of view, of course). The idea behind this deck is that the dragons have finally come out of hiding (and we're so glad they did).


DECK SPECS: Decks will consist of a thank you card, 78 tarot cards (22 Majors and 56 Minors), an extra (alternative) Ten of Swords, one mystery art card in keeping with the theme of the deck (the mystery art card will be exclusive to the first printing of this deck only) and two, double-sided reference cards. The deck will be protected by two blank cards.


Please note that if you order a copy of Smoke, Ash & Embers, it will not include the early-bird extras that were offered during the early-bird pre-order window which ended on November 30th, 2021 (sticker set, magnet, and A6 print pack).


Smoke, Ash & Embers will be printed on eco-friendly, 400 GSM, FSC accredited/carbon balanced paper with veggie inks (protected by matte, anti-scuff laminate).


The cards will measure 70mm x 120mm (2.75" x 4.75"), with white borders and rounded corners. While the back of the cards won’t be reversible, it doesn't mean that you can't read using reversals. We encourage you to use this deck in whatever way suits you best.


The cards will be housed in a light green, 350gsm tuck flap box (with an easy to open lid and a glued base); the tuck box will be beautifully embossed in black veggie-based ink in a woodland design.


Since we want to keep Smoke, Ash & Embers as eco-friendly as possible, there is no physical guidebook that accompanies this Tarot deck, and there are no plans for one. Instead, we will include two double-sided companion reference sheets featuring keywords that thoughtfully depict the nature of each card, allowing the deck to be read intuitively.


There will also be an accompanying PDF guidebook (login instructions will be sent after decks are dispatched).


THE MAJOR ARCANA: Many of the Majors are distinguished by their dark, mystical skies, which emphasise the Major Arcana's importance.


THE MINOR ARCANA: The Cups are water-based and quite playful. The dragons in this suit have little webbed feet, gills and a frog-like appearance. The Pentacles are earthy and grounded. Many of the dragons in this suit have leafy scales and a strong connection to the forest. The Swords are airy and a bit serious. This suit is illustrated with dark colours and black, winged dragons. The Wands are fiery and curious. Here, you’ll find lots of reds, smoke, fire and fog.