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Sasuraibito Tarot Deck

Sasuraibito Tarot Deck

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Sasuraibito Tarot Deck

“My complete 78-card original art tarot deck.The Japanese word: "sasuraibito" most closely translates to "wanderer." It's an old-fashioned literary term that is falling out of use, meant to describe a person ever-seeking, searching for a place of healing and refuge. This deck is designed to aid the curious wanderer, and accompany you on your adventures to come. The deck is loosely inspired by the Rider-Waite tarot deck. While some cards follow common iconography fairly closely (Strength, The World), others diverge strongly from tradition (Death, Judgment). Common themes in the deck are the key points in the cycle of life, embracing endings and keeping the fool's open mind."

Sasuraibito Tarot Deck Details:

This 78 card deck is inspired loosely by the Raider-Waite deck, contemporary living in the Western world, and Japanese and Buddhist concepts and ideals.

The cards measure 2.75''×4.75'' (70mm×120mm) on 330gsm (smooth, sturdy) card stock with a matte UV finish, and are encased in a beautiful, sturdy lidded box featuring the card back design.

Also included is a 63-page guidebook, with brief notes on the meanings and symbolism of my cards. 

********* A NOTE ON THE GILT EDGES ********* These cards have gold edging, which will fade with time. As this is a paper physical object, it will wear with use.“


Sasuraibito Tarot Deck on the Riffability Scale- 3 stiff but can be done and I’ve broken mine in a little, gold glossy gilding

See my blog post for more about riffle shuffling and the riffability scale! 

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