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A Riffle In Time

Tarot readings for the introverts and socially awkward

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Starting out at a discounted price as a thank you for being here!


Kinda like a message in the bottle but tarot and an envelope. Inside is a reading from me with 2 cards and a written reading.

I truly believe that we are always given the messages we need to hear and a lot of the times we are just too busy to realize it’s a message. This is my way of offering that message directly to you in a way you’ve slowed down enough to hear.


Which decks I use will continue to change but you choose one of three options in this listing:

option 1 - the envelope with the cards and hand written message will be sent to you by mail. Use the cards for anything but I have so many ideas of fun things to do with them if you’re interested!

option 2- we can do this digitally to avoid shipping fees and I can record a video like the one you see here and I’ll post it keeping your information private of course and send you the video when I’m done!

option 3- I can type it out and email it to you with pictures of your cards again you avoid shipping and you can get it in a simpler way!


I’ll pull an envelope intuitively or if you want leave a number 1-20 in your order notes and I’ll send that one to you!

Like everything in life, take what feels good and leave what doesn’t. All messages are channeled and sent with love and intention.