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Tarot Reading Keepsake Option

Tarot Reading Keepsake Option

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Tarot Reading Keepsake Option

Have you ever had a tarot reading you wish you could just keep with you so you didn't forget any of the message? Have you ever wanted to keep a piece a tarot reading with you to remind you of what to stay focused on and to inspire you to move forward?

I offer tarot readings physically shipped in an envelope with the cards I pulled for you inside and a printed reading you can stick right into your journal. Literally it's sticker backed! The two cards are yours to keep and are from a combination of two decks that are offered in the shop. You can put these on your altar, stick them to your mirror or fridge, use as a bookmark and so many other creative things!

I'm convinced that we can always find the insight we require, but life can be so hectic that we don't notice. Tarot Readings help us pause and find clarity in these messages. And this way we can keep that reading with us so that life doesn't get so busy we forget the message we needed to hear!


Tarot Reading Keepsake Option Details:

 The envelope with the 2 cards and typed message will be sent to you by mail. Use the cards for anything but I have so many ideas of fun things to do with them if you’re interested I've mentioned a few above! The reading is printed with a sticker backing so you can stick it straight into your notebook to journal about it if you want!


Like everything in life, take what feels good and leave what doesn’t. All messages are channeled and sent with love and intention.

Readings are Non Refundable so if you have questions about the offerings please reach out beforehand!

If you are purchasing just a Tarot Reading Keepsake I will send this in the envelope with a stamp to avoid high shipping costs!

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