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Downtown Tarot Company

Focus Crystal Kit

Focus Crystal Kit

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Focus Crystal Set: The Focus Kit includes brecciated jasper, black moonstone, and fluorite to strengthen your concentration, intuition, and mental clarity. White salt is also included in the bottom of each jar for cleansing.

With all of this in one jar it is a complete intention kit for focus. I love to pair my kit on my altar with symbols of the things I am seeking focus for manifesting or energy work. I keep it with something that represents where I want to focus my energy and when I'm wanting to more actively work with it I will swirl the jar 3 times while saying my manifestation affirmation. I love changing up which kit I'm using and building my altar around it. Also its perfect that it's portable because I take it with me to where ever I'm working and it lives on my desk if not!

Focus Crystal Set Details:

Tumbled Crystals

Teaspoon of salt

Insert with crystal names and properties


The Crystallo Collection features Crystal Kits created by the Downtown Tarot Company in Michigan. The crystals are specifically curated to enhance the energy and intent of each themed kit, and are perfect for carrying on your person, displaying in a space, or creating your own crystal grid.

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