Ways I use my tarot decks and oracle decks how I work with my tarot decks and oracle decks

Ways I Use My Tarot & Oracle Decks

Ways I use my tarot decks & oracle decks is a blog post based off of my video How do I work with a tarot deck or oracle deck that you can check out for a more in depth and visual experience!

Hey, fellow tarot enthusiasts! Today, let's dive into my love of tarot by looking into the different ways I use tarot decks and oracle decks! I hope to offer a glimpse into the diverse and creative ways you can connect with your cards.

1. Ask a Question, Pull a Card: The classic approach – there are endless possibilities of questions you can ask your deck. From seeking confirmation to exploring daily energies, the key is to tailor your inquiries to your needs. Note: I never go to my cards with the intention of future telling or asking predictive questions. I look for reassurance and guidance but not to that extent.

2. Energy of the Day Cards: I mentioned the concept of drawing cards to understand the energy of the day and one of my favorite ways is from the Radiant Crystal cards. I love that crystals and their energy can be incorporated into my practice, adding an insightful and intentional dimension to my daily routine. I also will use a tarot deck for an energy of the day reading too!

3. Conversations with Your Deck: I love taking a tarot question to the next level by engaging in a conversation with my deck. I demonstrate this with the Spread Crafters deck in the video. I love creating a dialogue with my cards, it helps provide clarity and guidance by leaving room to go explore and reflect further.

4. Spreads: I use different tarot spreads to gain a deeper understanding of specific situations and new perspectives. I  recommends sources like Meg Jones Wall (3 a.m. Tarot on IG) who also wrote the "Finding the Fool" book for a variety of spreads and also always look in your decks guidebook. I always have loved the "everything spread" from WTF is Tarot by Bakara Wintner.

5. Journaling: A journal is a powerful companion to a tarot deck or oracle deck, helping you reflect on your readings and internalize the messages. A lot of guidebooks come with great questions too!

6. Meditation and Reflection: Enhance your meditation sessions by incorporating tarot cards. I can't contain my excitement about using the Ritual Tarot for meditation, it is going to be a magical combination with the collage art!

7. Artistic Expressions: Get creative with your tarot cards by using them in art projects. I have used my decks in making bookmarks, collages, journaling & so much more. You don't have to physically sacrifice your deck but even taking pictures to print out or sketching the cards yourself!

8. Healing and Inner Work: Tarot can be a powerful tool for healing and inner exploration. I use specific decks like the Gentle Tarot for self-care, Future Ancestor Tarot for grief work, and Playful Heart Tarot for inner child healing.

9. Goal Setting and Vision Boarding: Incorporate tarot cards into your goal-setting process and vision boards is magical. I used The Gentle Tarot to do this with a collage tarot reading workshop the creator hosted. I used the cards to help with translating the energy into visual representations of my goals.

10. Writing and Storytelling: I love to tap into my creative side by using tarot cards as inspiration for short stories and poems. I share one of my favorite poems I've wrote based on the Fool card from the Blood Moon Tarot.

11. To Hear the Hard Truth:  I also use cheeky and straightforward decks like the No Filter Oracle deck for a no-nonsense approach to self-reflection and calling me out on my own BS.

This was just a brief overview of what I went over and I still felt like there were so many ways I left out. I want to turn this into a series and go in depth in all the ways to use Tarot Decks and Oracle Decks. Follow along with me on my YouTube channel to keep up with that and so many more types of tarot videos!

Embrace the versatility of your tarot decks and tailor your practice to suit your preferences. Whether you're seeking guidance, fostering creativity, or delving into inner exploration, the tarot offers a rich and dynamic landscape for personal growth.

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