Top Ten Tarot Decks of 2023

Top Ten Tarot Decks of 2023

The Top Ten Tarot Decks of 2023 is originally a video I posted on my YouTube channel but I wanted to make a written version too for accessibility and preference differences! If you would like to see the original video check out Top Ten Tarot Decks of 2023.

Hey there, guys! This is Casandra, and I'm so glad you're here. Today, I want to share with you my top 10 tarot decks of 2023. I'm diving into more details and specifics, focusing on the decks that have truly stood out for me this last year. Let's kick off with number 10.

Number 10: Smoke Ash and Embers Tarot Deck

In 2022, this deck would have ranked higher for me. While I still use it a lot it's interesting to me how my preferences shift each year. I've been particularly obsessed with pairing it with Oak, Ash, and Thorn Tarot Deck and Thistle Down Oracle Deck, along with my Dragon and Bones combination of it with Energy Archaeology Oracle deck. The Dragons in this deck resonate with me, being a bit of a fantasy lover, dragons have always pulled me in. Adam's art is some of my favorite of all time so there is no surprise to me that his decks frequent my top 10's so much.

Number 9: Practical Magic Starter Tarot Deck

This is my go-to deck for the first half of the year, especially during spring and summer. I love the collage style, and the direct readings always resonate with me. It pairs exceptionally well with other decks by Chinggay like Extraordinary Incantations Oracle/Tarot Deck , Quiet Mystic Oracle Deck & No Filter Oracle Deck

Number 8: Extraordinary Incantations Tarot and Oracle

While this has secured a top spot in my Top Ten Oracle decks of 2023 Video, it has also ranks in my tarot decks because I use it as both! I have been smitten with it since the day I got it and haven't stopped throwing it in my bag and pocket anytime I need a deck on the go. It give best friend energy and it so sweet and sassy in the best way.

Number 7: Tarot of the Holy Spectrum (Infinity Edition)

Since getting the Infinity Edition, I've favored it over the original if I'm honest. The vibrant colors just are me and I love it. The Tarot of the Holy Spectrum in general though has challenged me to read more intuitively, and it holds a special place in my collection because of that. This has my favorite Hierophant card of all time.

Number 6: Oak, Ash, and Thorn Tarot Deck (Mini Version)

Surprisingly, the mini version of this deck became a favorite for me this year. The smaller size sparked a new interest, and I've been using it consistently since then. The connection deepened, and it actually switched places with Smoke, Ash & Embers this year because of it.

Number 5: Wayhome Tarot Deck

This deck holds sentimental value as the one I learned to read with. While I haven't used it as much personally this year, it has been a consistent presence each week during the Sunday readings Bakara does for the collective on Everyday Magic's IG Subscribers channel. It's really become a meaningful check-in ritual.

Number 4: Playful Heart Tarot Deck

This deck has played a pivotal role in connecting with my inner child. It has opened a door to a space that was once heavily guarded. The deck's playful energy has been monumental in my healing journey throughout the year.

Number 3: Future Ancestor Tarot Deck

This is my deck for grief work and it has supported me through so much. It's a different aspect of healing than the playful heart but I find these two are always ones I mention together. I love the nature energy it gives off, it's so grounding.

Number 2: The Gentle Tarot Bundle

This deck has taken the second spot because of it combined with the guidebook, has transformed my connection with it. It has become an essential part of my self-care routine and healing journey. Together they have elevated my practice.

Number 1: Outgrow Yourself Tarot & Oracle Deck

Claiming the top spot is Outgrow Yourself, a deck that I use every day, whether for a full Tarot reading or a quick oracle pull. It consistently delivers the messages I need, meeting me where I am. It has become my security blanket, supporting me in various situations and shifting my entire practice.

I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing my top 10 decks of 2023 with you. As the year closes, I'm excited about the new decks coming in 2024, especially the Tarot of the Cosmic Seed and the Ritual Tarot. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to seeing where my practice takes me in the upcoming year. Until next time, sending lots of love your way!

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