December Oracle Card Reading for the Collective & Monthly Favorites

December Oracle Card Reading for the Collective & Monthly Favorites

December Card of the Month: Stability

"There are seasons when you build stability and seasons when you rely on it", comes straight from the guidebook into my soul.

If you're anything like me the winters are hard. I resist. I claw to keep moving forward and showing up, instead of slowing down and flowing with the seasons.

There are lessons in the trees that my bones know but my mind ignores. They release their leaves and conserve their energy to get through the winter. They don't ration it or over extend themselves. They're not caught up in how it must look or if they are deserving of the rest like we are. They know the seasons that are for growing and blooming and the ones for taking care and weathering through. So do you.

How can you take the same kind of care to prepare yourself for the winter? Where are you leaching energy? Call it back. What things can you drop for now and pick up again in the spring? How can you take the best care of yourself in the in between?

Research, make a list, do whatever prep necessary. We are more complicated than the trees but don't forget the basic things we all need either; sun, water, and nutrients.

I read some things that can help are:

- waking up at earlier and consistently at the same time

- more soups and root vegetables

- exercise

-sun light and supplementing with a sun lamp and some vitamin d

- lots of water

- journaling

Maybe we can all slow down together, conserve our energy and make next spring our biggest bloom yet.


Deck of the Month: Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck

The Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck has my favorite guidebook of any oracle deck. Ashley Stinson has a wealth of knowledge to share and on top of it the cards are beautifully illustrated by Kelly Finan. This was my vote for the Oracle Deck everyone should have.

What’s New?

My current focus is posting every Thursday on YouTube with tarot content like deck collection videos, tarot tags and walkthroughs. 

I have been dreaming up a plan to start a podcast next year and wanted to share my secret with you guys first! I would love to do weekly collective readings, deck and creator highlights maybe too!

I'll pop a few decks below, some are new, restocked, on sale and I have a ton more for you to check out. Don't forget I do deck consultations and gift cards in case you're looking for help choosing a deck for yourself or as a gift!

Ritual Tarot Deck

Poesis Oracle Deck

Tarot for the Great Outdoors

Tarot of the Cosmic Seed

Wisdom of the Divine Feminine 

Curiosities Mini Divi 


Spread of the Month

I’m thinking a spread for winter is needed and am feeling inspired by our trees from the reading so I took a pause on this and made one 😂


If you're wanting for a more personal look into your energetics I offer a variety of reading options. All of the options are also available in a video recording instead of typed if you prefer. I will be adding the video option on the website soon but you can also just add the preference in the order notes or reply to this email to let me know and you guys can have first access to it!

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