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Tarot Card Reading: 1 Card Energy of the Day Tarot Reading

Tarot Card Reading: 1 Card Energy of the Day Tarot Reading

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Tarot Reading: 1 card Energy of the Day Tarot Reading

You pick a deck from the shop you want a reading from and I send you an energy of the day reading to your email.

A fun way to get a taste of the energy of any deck I offer and also get to choose which deck speaks to you the most.

I offer quick bite size tarot and oracle readings emailed as a budget-friendly option. I love to make it accessible for everyone, but if you'd like something more comprehensive, just let me know and I'll set up something special for you.

I made these tarot readings for people like me: introverted and socially awkward but they are truly for anyone. Live readings, whether in person or through video chat, have always been intimidating for me to get for myself though so digital readings have been a real game-changer.

I'm convinced that we can always find the insight we require, but life can be so hectic that we don't notice. Tarot and Oracle Readings help you pause and find clarity in your messages.

Tarot Card Reading: 1 card Energy of the Day Oracle Card Reading

You pick the deck of your choice from any deck I offer in the shop and I use it to pull a card from it. I will take a picture of the card that was pulled for you, and type out the message for you. The tarot reading will consist of a brief paragraph of the message of the day for you and the picture of these card sent to your email!

Like everything in life, take what feels good and leave what doesn’t. All messages are channeled and sent with love and intention.

Readings are Non Refundable so if you have questions about the offerings please reach out beforehand!



I offer other options for readings too including this option but as an oracle card reading, 2 & 3 card pick a deck Tarot Card Readings, tarot reading keepsake option and also add ons of an oracle card for any reading! Coming soon a 6 card extensive tarot reading option but if you're interested sooner always reach out!

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