Top Ten Tarot Deck & Oracle Deck Pairings

Top Ten Tarot Deck & Oracle Deck Pairings

  1. Love Oracle of Eden & Lucid Dreams Beginner Tarot Black Eclipse Edition: This pairing caught my eye initially because of their aesthetic appeal—the gold foiling on both decks just looked stunning together. But as I started using them, I realized they also resonate deeply with each other.
  2. Death Doula Oracle & Somnia Tarot: This has been my go-to pairing for a while now. The colors, the energy—it all just clicks. I love how the guidance from the Death Doula complements the messages I receive from the tarot cards.

  3. Death Doula & Tarot of the Holy Spectrum Infinity Edition: Surprisingly, this pairing worked really well together, almost as if they were speaking the same language. It's rare for me to find a good match for the Tarot of the Holy Spectrum, but this pairing just clicked maybe though not as asethetically.

  4. Green Glyph Tarot, Oracle & Runes: This trio is from the same collection, and they're absolutely fantastic together. While they share a cohesive aesthetic, each deck brings its own unique energy to the table. There was so much effort in them being made to complement each other and I'll always be in awe of this collection.

  5. Smoke Ash & Embers Tarot & Energy Archaeology Oracle: This pairing was a bit unexpected, but it turned out to be a perfect match. My dragon and bones pairing. The Energy Archaeology Oracle is one of my work horse decks but one I use mostly on its own and for me to take SAE away from the next pairing to use with another deck says a lot.

  6. Smoke Ash & Embers, Oak Ash & Thorn Tarot & Thistledown Oracle: Another pairing that feels incredibly natural to me. All these decks were created by the same artist and creator, and their energies just flow seamlessly together.

  7. Lifeline Tarot Color Outside the Lines Edition & Outgrow Yourself Tarot & Oracle: This pairing broke me away from the notion that tarot decks should only be paired with other tarot decks. I started using these decks together for Keepsake readings, and they've become one of my favorite combinations.

  8. Wayhome Tarot & Visions in the Liminal Space Oracle: This pairing feels like home to me. I am an avid watcher of Bakara's Sunday Readings and she always uses her two decks together.

  9. Practical Magic Starter Tarot, Quiet Mystic Oracle, No Filter Oracle, & Extraordinary Incantations Oracle: All of these decks by Chinggay blend together with a lot of energy and insight. It's a big combination, but it's also one of my favorites.

  10. Gentle Tarot Linen Edition & Roots & Wings Oracle: this is another pair up that I don't separate. Since I put the two together they have been a match made in heaven. So much nature energy.

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