Top 10 Oracle Decks of 2023

Top 10 Oracle Decks of 2023

Top 10 Oracle Decks of 2023 

The Top Ten Oracle Decks of 2023 is originally a video I posted on my YouTube channel but I wanted to make a written version too for accessibility and preference differences! If you would like to see the original video check out Top Ten Oracle Decks of 2023.

Hey there, guys! This is Casandra, and I'm so glad you're here. Today, I want to share with you my top 10 oracle decks of 2023. I'm diving into more details and specifics, focusing on the decks that have truly stood out for me this last year. Let's kick off with number 10. 

Number 10: Radiant Crystal Cards

I love the 2nd editions updates with the Tarot-sized cards, riffle shuffling them is a breeze. I adore using this deck for the daily energy readings, selecting my crystal bracelets/crystal of the day and setting my intentions.

Number 9: Poesis Oracle Deck

With the digital collection of poems accompanying each card this deck is like nothing I've ever used. The deck's muted colors and psychedelic art style speak to me and the poems just drive it home. Whether I'm seeking insight or simply enjoying the poetic journey, this deck never fails to impress.

Number 8: Visions in the Liminal Space Oracle Deck

Bakara's Sunday readings using this deck are always inspiring me and taking me to new depths. The unique opportunity of  hearing the meanings from the creator over the years in readings and all the stories really make this deck pack such a punch for me. I will always love the artist Kaylee for allowing me to get a tattoo of the card Carefree Timelessness from this deck.

Number 7: Green Glyph Oracle Deck

I love this oracle deck but I will say The Green Glyph Collection is a delightful collection that shines brightest all together. I always use it with the Rune & Tarot Decks. It was definitely the Oracle that caught my eye but they just all fit so perfectly together. The Goat is my favorite card lol.

Number 6: Spread Crafter Oracle Deck

This is such a versatile deck designed for creating spreads and so much more. I am always having conversations with this deck during readings, uncovering layers of meaning and insight that never cease to amaze me. I just recently posted a video about how I work with my decks and actually clip me having a conversation with Spread Crafters.

Number 5: Thistledown Oracle Deck

The suspense was high with this one since I preordered it and was just eagerly awaiting it this year. I knew I would love it because Adam's artwork is some of my favorite of all time and loved seeing the new creatures and some familiar faces too. I adore the jumping spider, it has my heart.

Number 4: Love Oracle of Eden

The quality is nothing short of luxurious and it creates this ritualistic experience that invites me to slow down and savor the moment when using this deck. A Photography deck made with such intentionality and with its inclusive representation, it's a must for me.

Number 3: Extraordinary Incantations Oracle/Tarot

A cheeky and sassy companion that offers both guidance and tough love. Whether used for Tarot or oracle readings, its playful yet powerful messages never fail to resonate with me, making it more like a friend than just a deck.

Number 2: Death Doula Oracle Deck

Was my standout deck of the year but I haven't quite been able to take my reigning queen from number 1 yet. This deck surprised me, I wasn't sure what it was going to offer with its name and images but honestly what doesn't it offer. The guidebook is short and sweet but full of not only meanings but rituals, meditations, practices & more to go with them. The photography is stunning and I just can not put it down. I pair it with everything. 

Number 1: Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck

My all-time favorite oracle deck. Ashley's wealth of knowledge in the deck's guidebook provides unparalleled insights. I can't say enough about this guidebook. I use this deck in a way I can literally use no other deck and it just makes it so special to me. I use it to body scan with and will use the skeletal index in the front, find the corresponding card and work with the energy of the bones, use the journal prompts and its a chefs kiss moment for me.


I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing my top 10 Oracle decks of 2023 with you. As the year closes, I'm excited about the new decks coming in 2024, especially the Iris Oracle. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to seeing where my practice takes me in the upcoming year. Until next time, sending lots of love your way!

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