October Tarot Card Reading for the Collective & Current Tarot Favorites!

October Tarot Card Reading for the Collective & Current Tarot Favorites!

October Tarot Card Reading of the Month: Possibilities

This is a card unique to Oak, Ash & Thorn Tarot Deck and it makes it all the more magical that it is ours for the month because with any other deck it wouldn’t have been possible. How even in pulling it we are receiving another nod to the possibilities in life. This card features the creature from each of the aces and also the dragon from Smoke, Ash & Embers Tarot Deck. There are so many cards in the tarot that could represent possibility but for this to be such an open card with not just one suit or archetype it reminds of how capable we are of changing our entire lives in so many ways. If you’re feeling stuck, or in the thick of the impossible know that it’s not the end of the story. It’s just a fork in the road to a million possibilities of where you can go from here. If you so choose to change anything or everything or delightfully choose to stay the same, you and your story will be forever changed and available to change again. Last October I was in a place where I felt I had made choices that set me farther away from myself and spent this last year finding how we can make new choices and even if we have altered our story it never has to be the ending we chose if we change our minds. There is a magic in writing and rewriting our stories and a growth that comes along side it. You’re a different person now for the choices you’ve made and are always evolving with each new one you make. You are an endless amount of possibilities.



Tarot Deck of the Month

Oak, Ash & Thorn Tarot Deck is my go to fall/autumn deck so I had to use it for this months reading and spotlight. It is the only animal deck I’ve ever connected with, these sweet woodland creature are so perfect and Adam Oehler’s is one of my favorite artists. I have both sizes of Oak, Ash & Thorn Tarot Deck - Mini & Full Size with its sister deck Smoke, Ash & Embers Tarot Deck already in the shop and Thistledown Oracle Deck on its way! Some of my favorite indie tarot decks & now indie decks in general of all time!



What’s New?

This email is a new offering that will continue to grow. It’s starting as a monthly collective reading with my favorite deck and an update with my favorite spread & book and also the moons that are coming up!

I have been doing almost daily card pulls on IG for an energy of the day vibe and posting every Thursday on YouTube with tarot content like deck collection videos, tarot tags and walkthroughs.

I have a lot of new decks in the shop and you can click here to see all the New Arrivals! I’ve been bulking up for a busy October of events.

My events this month are on the 7th, 12th & the 18th-21st, you can find out more information on IG or reaching out here.


Tarot Book & Tarot Spread of the Month

I’m currently reading Finding the Fool by Meg Jones Wall and very excited about it. My spread of the month is from the the list of archetype spreads in this book and I thought we’d start with The Fool. The four card spread is as follows:


The Fool: a dream / a potential risk / a first step / a glimpse of who you might become


You can find more from Meg Jones Wall on IG under 3am.tarot & I’m looking to stock this book in the shop soon!


Moons for October

New Moon October 14th 1:55 PM EST

Hunter’s Moon (Full Moon) October 28th 4:24 PM EST


I have New Moon & Full Moon Altar / Ritual Candles that I just got restocked!

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