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November Tarot Card Reading for the Collective & Current Tarot Favorites

November Card of the Month: The World

I love the fine print on this card. “The world can be a scary place but all things have a natural cycle. As one thing grows in influence, another thing diminishes. The world contains all things, it cannot be reduced or expanded, only rearranged. All are welcome and have a place in this completion.”


Something about the thought of cycles is reassuring right now. That things, no matter how bad and impossible they feel in a moment, will move to pass. It is the way of life because time doesn’t stop, even if it feels like it has. Things will progress and one day you will look back at this cycle from the end. Then, the situation will seem so far away and you won’t feel so small. Think about it as the fool stepping off of the cliff, how swallowing the world around you can feel. From this angle of the Earth that same cliff isn’t even visible.


The only thing we can do until then is our best, make the next best decision and keep moving one foot in front of the other until we get to the other side. Know that on every corner of this earth is someone walking through this same dark with you, you are not alone in this scary place.


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Deck of the Month: Horror Tarot

This is a brand new deck by Todd Alcott, the same creator as The Pulp Tarot.


What’s New?

This email is a new offering that will continue to grow. It’s starting as a monthly collective reading with my favorite deck and a shop update.

My current focus is posting every Thursday on YouTube with tarot content like deck collection videos, tarot tags and walkthroughs.

I also fixed the social links at the bottom so they go to my IG, Youtube & Website!

I have a lot of new decks in the shop and I’ll pop a few below but there’s many more under new arrivals on the website. I will be doing special bundles for the holidays too!

Thistledown Oracle Deck just arrived all the way from the UK and I started the bundles off with a Mini Divi Deck Bundle with all of Holly Oddly's Mini Divi Decks & then also a Fall Crystal Bath Bundle for our pumpkin lovers out there!

Book & Spread of the Month

I’m currently reading Finding the Fool by Meg Jones Wall, which I’ve been doing slowly because I was devouring Starling House by Alix E. Harrow.

My spread of the month is from the the list of archetype spreads in this book and I thought we’d do The World in honor of our card pull this month.

The four card spread is as follows:

The World: an achievement to celebrate / an evolution to acknowledge / a personal change to recognize / a way to rest

You can find more from Meg Jones Wall on IG under 3am.tarot & I’m looking to stock this book in the shop soon!


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