January Tarot Card Reading for the Collective & Monthly Favorites

January Tarot Card Reading for the Collective & Monthly Favorites

January Card of the Month: Strength

The card of the year this year is strength and even so I didn't want to intentionally pick that. I shuffled and shuffled and we still received strength which feels magically, but in reverse.

So maybe we don't feel our strength right now. Maybe we feel impossibly small and like nothing we are doing is making a difference. I woke up to a message this morning from Crystal the Oracles page that feels like it was perfectly given for this moment. Something is never nothing. So if you're doing anything at all never undersell that you're trying.

Energy follows intention and your energy creates a ripple effect. It might take a thousand somethings but you are one step closer to that if you've done one today. It snowballs and soon momentum will have and a thousand will be right at your feet.

I shared my feelings about strength on my IG a few days ago and I want to leave it here because I think it's important.

"As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to see that most of my strengths come from moments where it felt impossible to be strong. Each time I broke through a I can’t do this moment, I was carving a new belief. There’s nothing I can’t handle. I say it like a little affirmation or prayer on days where I am facing another one of those moments. I can do anything, because I have proven to myself I will never give up and even when it’s impossible I will always find a way."

There is nothing you can't handle. Remind yourself in these moments of struggle of every time you've gotten through what you thought you couldn't get through. Where you've proven to yourself how miraculously strong you are, how impossibly so. I believe in you and you do too.

Deck of the Month: Tarot of the Cosmic Seed

The Second Edition of Tarot of the Cosmic Seed by Lalania Simone.

What’s New?

I am starting to plan the year ahead and have lots of new ideas swirling around so stay tuned.

My current focus is posting every Week on YouTube with tarot content like deck collection videos, tarot tags and walkthroughs. 

I have both my Top 10 Tarot Decks & Top 10 Oracle Decks of 2023 videos posted on my channel so go check them out!

I also fixed the social links at the bottom so they go to my IG, Youtube & Website!

I have a lot of new decks in the shop/restocked and I’ll pop a few below but there’s many more under new arrivals on the website.

Death Doula Oracle Deck

Future Ancestor Tarot Deck

Ritual Tarot Deck

Spread of the Month

I’ve been sharing a spread from Finding the Fool by Meg Jones Wall every month so far and I'm obsessed so we will continue.

My spread of the month is from the the list of archetype spreads in this book and I thought we’d do Strength in honor of our card pull this month and the card of the year.

The four card spread is as follows:

Strength: a place to be patient / a way to express wildness / a reminder of your power / an expression of your wisdom

You can find more from Meg Jones Wall on IG under 3am.tarot & I’m looking to stock this book in the shop soon!


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