February Tarot Reading for the Collective & Monthly Favorites

February Tarot Reading for the Collective & Monthly Favorites

February Card of the Month: Two of Pentacles

Focus on finding balance in your life. Pay attention to where you're investing your time, energy, and resources, and make adjustments as needed. Remember that it's okay to ask for support or delegate tasks. It is also okay to set boundaries and say no to anything if it jeopardizes your well-being.

You must prioritize yourself and ensure that you're not spreading yourself too thin. Take time to assess your current commitments and responsibilities, and consider what can be put down in this moment if there is too much on your plate.

Above all, listen to and trust yourself. Your body knows well before you admit it to yourself that you need rest or help. Check in with yourself. Do a body scan. Recognize your patterns and watch out for your tells. What is something you frequently say or do when you’re overwhelmed or out of balance? If you’ve noticed them already pause now and make an actionable plan on what happens moving forward. This is the time for the adjustments and delegating so you can take the proper rest you need. Do not push yourself to see how far you can make it. The damage done will make for a much longer recovery than adjusting things now will set you back.

To be capable of being adaptable and to thrive in this unpredictable world you must be taking the best care of yourself. The more stable and balanced you are inward the more you can juggle and face in the outer world.

Really write down the things you say or do when you’re overwhelmed & out of balance.

Make it a list of things to watch out for.

What things are heavy right now?

What can you shift around to either pass on some of the weight or make room for it?

What makes you feel balanced? Your cup full? Grounded and capable?

Make an actionable plan to incorporate some of those things in your week, this week.

Even if it's one thing, what can you do to feel rested today?

Deck of the Month: Ritual Tarot Marked Edition

This is the 2nd Edition of the Ritual Tarot with the new hidden names on the card backs called the Marked Edition.

What’s New?

I am starting a new series this week. I will be doing tarot & oracle deck spotlights on my IG & TikTok where I will share card pulls, flip throughs & peeks at the guidebook of one deck per week.

I have this months YouTube videos planned out to include a deck haul, a monthly favorites, an unboxing & a journal with me.

Also if you haven't seen I finally made a Preloved Section in the shop for used tarot & oracle decks!

I have restocked the boots down, so many decks are back in stock and still a few more coming!


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