Indie Deck Collection: Indie Tarot Decks

Indie Deck Collection: Indie Tarot Decks

Indie Deck Collection: Indie Tarot Decks is my most recent video on YouTube and is going over all the Indie Tarot Decks I have currently in my collection. I will leave a link here so you can watch it and also the list below if you want to look them up! I have the Indie Deck Collection: Indie Oracle Decks & More video coming next!

Indie Deck Collection: Indie Tarot Decks Video

Indie Deck Collection Indie Oracle Decks & More Video 



Today we are tackling half of my indie deck collection and doing all of my indie tarot decks.


I did one full video for the tarot decks & one for the oracle and others just like you wanted & even though I trimmed them I still left in 98% of the silly goose.



Tarot Deck Collection: Indie Tarot Decks

1. Gentle Tarot Deck Bundled Version 

2. Gentle Tarot Deck Pocket Edition 

3. Gentle Tarot Deck Linen Edition 

4. Magical Nature Tarot Deck 

5. Oak, Ash & Thorn Tarot Deck

6. Mini Oak, Ash & Thorn Tarot Deck 

7. Smoke, Ash & Embers Tarot Deck

8. Practical Magic Starter Tarot Deck

9. Extraordinary Incantations Tarot Deck

10. Outgrow Yourself Tarot Deck

11. Future Ancestor Tarot Deck

12. Wayhome Tarot Deck

13. Sasuraibito Tarot Deck

14. Sasuraibito Tarot Tiny Traveller Tarot Deck

15. Tarot of the Holy Spectrum Infinity Edition Tarot Deck

16. Tarot of the Holy Spectrum Tarot Deck

17. Tarot of the Cosmic Seed Tarot Deck

18. Ritual Tarot Deck 

19. Apparition Tarot Deck 

20. Rainbow Heart Tarot Deck

21. Moon Baby Tarot Deck

22. Green Glyph Tarot Deck

23. Lucid Dreams Tarot Black Eclipse Edition Beginner Tarot Deck

24. Lucid Dreams Tarot Beige Edition Beginner Tarot Deck

25. Lost Hollow Tarot

26. Somnia Tarot

27. Jonasa Jaus Tarot

28. Somnia Tarot Illustrated Edition

29. Forest Lore Tarot

30. Tarot by Caro

31. Terra Volatile

32. Mini Mice Tarot MIMT

33. Stunning Tarot

34. Blood Moon Tarot

35. Playful Heart Tarot

36. Life Line Color Outside the Lines Edition

37. Moonchild Tarot

38. Witches Tarot

39. Numinous Tarot

40. Shewolfe Tarot

41. Mother Tarot

42.Teeny Tiny Tarot

43.Tell Tale Tarot

44. Circo Tarot

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