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Journey Tarot Deck

Journey Tarot Deck

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Journey Tarot Deck

Discover the mystical world of tarot with the Journey Tarot Deck, beautifully illustrated by Teagan Michael Turner. Crafted for both novices and seasoned enthusiasts, this 78-card deck features unique, exotic illustrations on premium 400gsm cardstock, offering durability and a soft, tactile experience. The set includes a fold-out box for safekeeping, an insightful booklet with poems and guidance.

Explore the tapestry of tarot with the Journey tarot deck, meticulously illustrated by Teagan Michael Turner. This deck is an invitation to delve into the mystical and the magical, offering a gateway to deep insights and reflections.

Each of the 78 cards in the deck is printed on premium 400gsm cardstock, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel. The cards are soft to the touch, providing a pleasant, tactile experience during your readings.

Created with both beginners and seasoned tarot enthusiasts in mind, this deck combines unique symbolism with an exotic flair. Teagan Michael Turner's unique illustrations bring each card to life, offering fresh perspectives to tarot. This deck aligns closest to the Thelema (Crowley) tarot archetypes.

This deck comes with everything you need to start your tarot journey. The illustrated fold-out box provides safe storage and easy access, while the included booklet offers insightful poems and guidance for each card creating an intuitive reading experience for both beginners and experienced readers. Additionally, there are two utility cards in this deck, a color meditation card and a pendulum card.

Journey Tarot Deck Details:

78 card tarot deck

400 gsm cardstock

Foldout box with guide booklet

 Journey Tarot Deck on the Riffability Scale -  3.5 A little stiff with the thicker art cardstock but overall good riffle

See my blog post for more about riffle shuffling and the riffability scale! 


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