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Age of Aquarius Tarot Deck

Age of Aquarius Tarot Deck

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Have you felt a pull to build a stronger relationship with your higher self or a calling to commune with spirits in astral realms? This is part of the enlightenment process guided by the age of Aquarius. It is an awakening of the collective consciousness asking us to dig deeper and search farther into who we are and what we have to offer the world.

The Age of Aquarius calls us to embrace our spirituality and cultivate mindful daily rituals that help to sustain high vibrational frequencies, which in turn, affect all living things around us.

Written & illustrated by Yana Saint LéVie.
Published by Levietate Publishing House Inc.

Age of Aquarius Tarot Deck Details:

The Cards

An 88 Card Tarot Deck

Ft. Universal Arcana + Major & Minor Arcana Cards

Cards 8.8cm x 12cm

350 GSM FSC Paper

Vegan + Cruelty Free

Holographic Gilt Edges

Holographic detailing on storage box + guidebook

Full Colour Guidebook

The Guidebook

170 Pages

Keywords Associated Symbols

Astrological and Metaphysical properties listed

Crystal Associations

Upright & Reversals

Journaling Prompts

Evocations & much more.

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