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Spread Crafter's Oracle Deck

Spread Crafter's Oracle Deck

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The Spread Crafter's Oracle Deck (previously named Spread Machine Cards + Oracle)by Kimberly Tsan of Fables Den  is an all-in-one spread crafting deck & booklet set. The second printing contains 6 additional cards, making it a 92-card (beast of a) deck! The spread prompts are geared towards crafting spreads that are person-centred & growth-based, highlighting you, the Seeker, as the magical creator of your reality.

If you're a spiritual seeker and a personal development junkie who loves to use tarot and divination as a means to access your intuition, gain insight into your thoughts and feelings, and level up in life - this deck is going to be right up your alley!

Spread Crafter's Oracle Deck Details:

Spread Crafter's Oracle comes with 92 cards: 90 spread prompts, 1 customizable blank card, and 1 quick-start card. It is printed on standard size cards (7 x 12CM), via high quality art paper cardstock with smooth matte lamination + all housed in a sturdy magnetic clasp box with rose petal finish.


There are 92 cards and 5 categories in this deck. Being an "all-in-one" deck, Spread Crafter seeks to offer you a holistic and balanced outlook on life, including spread positions that highlight themes like…

- Self-awareness (Seeker Category)
- Focus & Life Areas (Focus Areas Category)
- the love & light (Lightwork Category)
- the darkness & shadow (Shadow Work Category)
- Momentum & inspired action (Call to Action Category)

The 5 spread categories are clearly marked and colored coded, so you can navigate your spread crafting process quickly and easily.


Each card is a spread position and contains a keyword as well as a few open-ended guiding questions or thematic word-clusters to help you interact with the idea in a flexible manner.

Example #1:
- Keyword: "Self-Love"
- Guiding Questions: "What can you do to accept yourself, acknowledge yourself, appreciate yourself, validate yourself, cultivate happiness within yourself and grow into the best version of yourself? How do you extend love to your being?"
- Category: Lightwork

Example #2:
- Keyword: "Attract"
- Thematic Word Cluster: "To welcome and become available, to be ready, to hold & broadcast an intention"
- Category: Call to Action


Spread Crafter is designed to be super versatile and multi-purpose! Here are some of the things you can do with this deck in your tarot arsenal:

  • Create infinite custom spread combinations suited to your question and your needs
  • Shuffle the spread prompts and let the Universe "create" a spread for you when you feel called to pull some cards but not sure what to ask
  • Pull a card from Spread Crafter when tarot's symbolism gets a little confusing and you need a quick clarifier to clear your divination brain fog
  • Use the guiding questions underneath each keyword to journal and self reflect
  • Set a daily intention with the Call to Action Cards


Your Spread Crafter's Oracle deck will come with a detailed 86-paged guidebooklet. If you're feeling a little anxious about using this deck, this guidebooklet will walk you through the basics of spread-crafting and you'll also learn about the 5 spread categories in greater detail, as well as other creative ways to make use of this deck.

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