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A Riffle In Time

Life Line Tarot Deck: Color Outside the Lines

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Life Line Tarot: Color Outside the Lines nurtures your inner child and revitalizes your intuition through its powerful and playful reimagining of the beloved Rider/ Smith-Waite Tarot. It's familiar but fresh, and it’s infused with subtle nuances to activate esoteric knowledge.

With 80 cards and a thick guidebook offering techniques for reading the cards from an experienced reader, this deck is designed for tarot readings that work, whatever your style. Specialty tarot exercises feature ways to connect with your inner child to help you heal the Wounded Child and champion the Magical Child within.

But it breaks out of the tarot mold with oracle guidance and affirmations for each of the major arcana to help make the most of one-card readings.

  • 80 tarot-sized cards

    • Smooth 330gsm card stock

    • Light gloss finish for easy shuffling

  • 1 tarot-sized full-color guidebook

    • Tips on reading tarot

    • Exercises for connecting with your inner child

    • Deep insights, oracle wisdom, and affirmations for each of the major arcana

    • Nuanced keywords and concepts for each of the minor arcana

  • 1 signed copyright card with limited edition deck number (out of 444 decks)

  • All in a magnetic book box