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Endless Oracle Deck

Endless Oracle Deck

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The Endless Oracle (Limited First Edition) - A Myriorma-Inspired Oracle Deck


The Endless Oracle is a unique 53 card oracle deck unlike any other.

These hand-drawn cards can be mixed and matched, and rearranged into any order to form cohesive panoramic readings regardless of what cards appear side by side.


It is beginner-friendly, but will be a refreshing new take on classical oracle decks for the more seasoned reader.


These oracle cards can be used traditionally by referencing the keywords in the included guidebook or you can make use of their unique panoramic artwork to intuit a variety of meanings based on the ever-changing context of the cards. As familiar cards appear in new readings, they may seem to take on new meanings based on the cards that appear around them!


The Endless Oracle is an excellent tool for those who wish to train their intuition or exercise their creativity.


The artwork was created traditionally by hand, using ink and watercolor. It is primarily inspired by European myths, legends, and fantasy fiction. The imagery draws from familiar literary archetypes, creating a world that one might already feel they have seen before, even from the first time the deck’s box is opened. Astrological figures like constellations, planets, and phases of the moon are also featured on each card to add even more nuance to your readings.



The 53 cards are standard tarot size, measuring 2.75x4.75 inches, and are printed on S30 Standard Smooth card stock with a semi-matte finish.


They are packaged in a rigid magnetic clamshell box with extra room for possible future expansions to the deck.


The deck includes a highly detailed 95-page guidebook, measuring 5x8 inches, which includes numerous examples of how the Endless Oracle can be used for divination, meditation, and daily advice. Each card has a fully dedicated page of its own, including keywords, how the card might appear in a readings, information about what astrological objects appear in the sky, and creative notes about the process of making the artwork.


This item is a limited edition of the Endless Oracle, printed thanks to the generous support of Kickstarter backers. It includes some features which may never again be available in future print editions of the deck; including three of the 53 cards (the Cave, the Fairy Ring, and the Rift,) the upgraded rigid magnetic box, and the highly expanded guidebook.

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