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A Riffle In Time

Dreams Mini Divi Deck

Dreams Mini Divi Deck

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Dreams Mini Divi Deck 

is the perfectly odd mini divination deck for dream focused affirmations. The Mini Divi Decks are perfect pocket decks that function like an Oracle Deck or Affirmation Deck.  The message or fortune is written on the card itself so no need for a guidebook and it makes it easy to use with other decks. I like to use it as the theme or clarification card. With 5 other decks in the mini divi series it's hard to choose just one and then the Teeny Tiny Tarot is it's perfect tarot match from the same creator so add that to the list too! 

The Dreams Mini Divi Details:

  • 30 cards
  • 58x88mm
  • 300gsm
  • Powder Blue, Black & White color palette 


Dreams Mini Divi on the Riffability Scale- 1 it’s possible but a mini deck so it’s a bit difficult and the card stock feels like it keeps the bend more than others

See my blog post for more about riffle shuffling and the riffability scale! 

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