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Tarot Deck & Oracle Deck Consultations

Tarot Deck & Oracle Deck Consultations

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What Tarot Deck is for me? Which Tarot Deck Should I get? What Deck do I buy?

If you've been asking questions like these here is the place to help you get your answer! A deck consultation will offer personalized answers for these questions based off of you and what you're looking for. 

We will be in touch after your purchase and I'll have you send me the answers to the fun little What Tarot Deck is for me? Quiz I made. I will look over that and any additional information you'd like me to consider before I get to narrowing down our options. 

I will come ready for our one on one chat with a much smaller selection of decks roughly around 3 and we can talk about those decks specifically and I am able to send you up close pictures/videos of anything you'd like to see from those decks including their guidebooks. Here I can answer any question you may have, show you how they shuffle, etc. 

*If there are any decks you already have your eye on we can skip straight to those and I can offer the same one on one time with us just going through the decks you're are interested in!*

We can do this consultation through different methods depending on what you're comfortable with. We can just chat through different methods including: WhatsApp(which I'm completely new to but I'm pretty sure we can message, call or video chat on), Email, Chat straight from the website or DM via Instagram. I can send pictures and videos with any of those options. 

Once the order is placed I will reach out via email that you provide to set up the time slot (30 minutes give or take) and the specifics of how you want to chat. This is where you can send me the answers for the quiz and your additional information so I can come prepared to the appointment and we get the full time to focus on you and the decks. I will have all decks from the shop in reaching distance so no worries if we find a different one you want to look at!


The $20 goes towards your purchase of your deck and I will give you the code at the end of the consultation to use to take it off your order. If you do not make a purchase no hard feelings but the $20 goes towards compensating me for my time and is non-refundable. 

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