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Align: Heart Affirmations Oracle Deck

Align: Heart Affirmations Oracle Deck

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Align: Heart Affirmations Oracle Deck from creator Kimberly Tsan of Fables Den is a 77-card deck + booklet set seeking to inspire unconditional love and radical acceptance towards the self ✨ 

77 affirmations & grounding statements to inspire unconditional love & radical acceptance towards the self 💘 a love letter to my fellow empaths, HSPs & sensitive souls on a healing journey ✨ 

For those of us who carry a lot in our hearts and nervous system, it could be hard to stomach affirmations that are "overly positive" e.g. "I am beautiful", "I am confident", "I deserve to relax" because they feel like gaslighting and can feel very triggering and disorienting to read.

Of course we want to feel good about ourselves! But a lot of the times, upbeat affirmations don't really inspire positive action. They remind us of the negative reality we feel we're stuck in 💔

The affirmations in Align: Heart Oracle are more like grounding statements. They acknowledge the difficult emotions and harmful stories we may be stuck in - while encouraging us to take self-loving actions that make sense at this time + shift into self-acceptance and self-empowerment. 

Align Heart Affirmations Oracle Deck Details

- 350GSM high quality art paper with sleek matte UV finish

-The cards measure 57 x 88MM (adorably pocket sized and fits on the palm of your hand!)

- Holographic silver foil edge

- 77 Cards & booklet stored in a dreamy black magnetic clasp box also lined with holographic silver on rose petal matte finish.  



For example: "I honor my wound by leaning into its pain and recognizing the role it's played in my becoming" is acknowledging that yes, this is a difficult moment and I feel like crap right now, and it's also gently urging you to release any judgement you may have towards it: I accept my pain by holding space to understand its meaning in my life. 

Another affirmation in this deck is "I don't need to be useful to be worthy and deserving of love" - a grounding statement subtly affirming to your insecurities of needing to do something to prove your worth to people and not accepting yourself as valid for who you are and then offering you a shift in perspective: no, I don't need to be useful to be deserving of love. 


Who is this deck for? 

If you relate to any of these (incredibly subtle yet deeply painful) struggles of: 

  • people pleasing & maintaining your sense of self in relationships (a.k.a. boundaries, ugh!)
  • dissociating and numbing out because your feelings rarely mattered (childhood trauma, yay!) 
  • taking up space and not wanting to be a burden to others (you're either too much or too little, am I right?) 
  • being perfectionist and having impossible standards for yourself (because failure and mistakes = DEATH💀)
  • feeling like you're never enough (self-doubt, worthlessness and unreservedness galore)

..this deck is a love letter to you! 💌 

Align: Heart Affirmations Oracle is a 77-card deck + booklet set seeking to inspire unconditional love and radical acceptance towards the self. Born out of the love and kindness I needed to cultivate within myself to survive my Dark Night of the Soul last year, this deck consists of the words I've written to guide me back to the home that is my heart. 


Align Heart Affirmations Oracle Deck on the Riffability Scale -  0 mini deck with sturdy card stock and holo gilded edges, too stiff and small for me

See my blog post for more about riffle shuffling and the riffability scale! 

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