March Tarot Card Reading for the Collective & Monthly Favorites

March Tarot Card Reading for the Collective & Monthly Favorites

March Card of the Month: Devil Reversed

Seeing The Devil can feel a little ahh at first but reversed and in this reading it feels like a good thing. A nod to the progress we've made in realizing and releasing the things that are no longer are for us. This feels like calling back our power and the universe saying it's on its way. We have faced ourselves in the mirror and done the hard things and we are moving forward. This is also a reminder too, not to let ourselves return to these old habits, tendencies and toxic situations. Don't circle back, don't fall back into what you know isn't good for you or let nostalgia blur the truth. You have worked too hard. Focus this month on small positive changes, little healthy habits, feel good for the good of yourself and others kind of things. Nothing big, just enough to keep you motivated, inspired and focused on the right direction. You are capable of so much, you've proven that. Prove it again to yourself everyday.

Lucid Dreams Beginners Tarot Deck Lucid Dreams Tarot Deck Lucid Dreams Tarot Deck for Beginners Lucid Dreams Beginner Tarot Deck

Deck of the Month: Lucid Dreams Beginners Tarot Black Eclipse Edition

The Lucid Dreams Beginners Tarot is such an amazing boxset for beginners and now in this beautiful black eclipse edition.

What’s New?

I've been doing weekly tarot spotlights on my socials and weekly YouTube videos. My new favorite series is the Journal With Me's.

I have plans this month to add more preloved decks and even crystals in the coming months which feels very exciting!

I have a lot of new decks in the shop/restocked and I’ll pop a few below.

Lucid Dreams Beginners Tarot Original Beige Edition & Black Eclipse Edition

Green Glyph Oracle & Runes Deck

Magical Nature Tarot

Moon Baby Tarot

Personalized Readings

If you're looking for a more personal energetic reading I offer a few options. I have them discounted as I figure out more specifically what I want them to look like moving forward but currently I've been loving doing them as a personalized Notion page with the reading, the song & crystals I used, photographs and even some journal prompts. I will be increasing the prices soon as I think I'm really loving this look of them and am getting good feedback!

You can find all of my Tarot Services & Tarot Reading Offerings here.

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