Indie Deck Collection: Indie Oracle Decks, Affirmations Decks & Others

Indie Deck Collection: Indie Oracle Decks, Affirmations Decks & Others

Indie Deck Collection: Indie Oracle Decks & More is my most recent video on YouTube and is going over all the Indie Oracle, Affirmation & other types of decks that are not tarot I have currently in my collection. I will leave a link here so you can watch it and also the list below if you want to look them up! I have the Indie Deck Collection: Tarot Decks Video already up!

Indie Deck Collection: Indie Tarot Decks Video

Indie Deck Collection Indie Oracle Decks & More Video



The second half of my indie deck collection! These are all decks that are not tarot decks, so from oracle to mini divi it's all here!

1. No Filter Oracle Deck

2. Healthy Vibes Affirmation Deck

3. Opposites Mini Divi

4. Curiosities Mini Divi

5. Messages Mini Divi

6. Dreams Mini Divi

7. Omens Mini Divi

8. Ghosts Mini Divi 

9. Color Vision Oracle Deck

10: Death Doula Oracle Deck

11. Green Glyph Oracle Deck

12. Green Glyph Runes Deck

13. Poesis Oracle Deck

14. Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck

15. Iris Oracle Deck

16. Magick Morsels Oracle Deck

17. Visions in the Liminal Space Oracle Deck

18. Love Oracle of Eden Oracle Deck

19. Radiant Crystal Cards 

20. Thread Bound Oracle Deck

21. Wisdom of the Divine Feminine Oracle Deck

22. I Am Affirmations Deck for Babies & Toddlers

23. Thistledown Oracle Deck

24. Quiet Mystic Oracle Deck

25. Hearts Eye Oracle 

26. Devas of Creation

27. Vessel Oracle

28. From Roots to Blooms

29. Inquire Within Affirmation

30. Self Care Adventure Cards

31. Celestial Bodies Oracle

32. Postcards in the Liminal Space

33. Spread Crafters Oracle

34. Guidance of the Goddess Oracle

35. Olga Speaks Oracle

36. Extra Terrestrial Oracle

37. Roots & Wings Oracle

38. Reclaim Oracle

39. Moon Deck

40. Compass Cards

41. Elvine Oracle

42. Three Black Moons Oracle

43. Hollow Valley Deck of Symbols

Not shown in this video but show in the tarot is my tarot/oracle decks :

44: Extraordinary Incantations Oracle Deck

45: Outgrow Yourself Oracle Deck

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